What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma are treatment options in a new field of medicine called regenerative medicine that enables a patient to harness and amplify their own body’s natural ability to heal itself using concentrated regenerative cells and growth factors. The two most common procedures are:

Does Regenerative Medicine Work?

PATIENT TESTIMONIAL   |   Gina, 54 year old with longstanding knee pain from arthritis back to dancing, pain free

PATIENT TESTIMONIAL   | Mellanie, 62, back to normal pain free activity after meniscus tear.

When reparative cells — harvested from a person’s fat tissue — are injected into an arthritic joint or injured tendon, they attach to the areas of damaged tissue and release the right combination of growth factors and proteins to stimulate healing and new growth of cartilage, tendon and other injured tissues.

Multiple clinical research papers conclude that adipose (fat) derived regenerative cellular therapy significantly improves pain and function in addition to increasing cartilage volume and quality.

Improvement in Pain
Improvement in Function

According to published research, regenerative cellular therapy for knee arthritis results in 58-68% improvement in pain and 67-83% improvement in function one to two years after treatment. Most of this improvement occurs in the first three to six months. Tendon and other soft tissue injuries can respond even better.


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