Back to Tennis after Stem Cell Therapy for Torn Meniscus

Dr. Steve Meyers
June 26, 2023

William is 1 year out from stem cell treatment for a torn meniscus. He’s back to playing tennis and pain free without surgery! His story, in his own words:

“After tearing my meniscus during a tennis match, I made an appointment with Dr. Meyers. He
gave me options on how to treat my injury. Stem cell treatment was one of my options. Although
my insurance would not cover the procedure, I liked the idea of not going under the knife. The
procedure was outpatient, mostly painless, and was a TOTAL SUCCESS!”

“I recommend having someone to help you with your mobility for the 1st week of recovery.
I am a 60-year-old overweight man. It was tough to be on crutches. The knee brace provided and
covered by my insurance was a must have.”

“I highly recommend this procedure. I also recommend Dr. Meyers. His team did a great job.
I am back to all activities and so grateful to be able to play tennis again.”


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