How much does stem cell therapy cost?

The cost of stem cell therapy at our Fort Worth clinic is $4,200 for a single stem cell injection, or $5,000 for two joints.

For example, if a patient receives stem cell treatment for both knees during a single visit, the total cost for stem cell therapy would be $5,000.

It is important to know that paying more for stem cell therapy does not mean that it will work better. Outcome is dependent on multiple factors, most important of which is receiving the proper diagnosis from an orthopedic doctor. Other important factors that can impact how well stem cell therapy works includes proper harvesting technique, processing that maximizes growth factor and stem cell potential and, of course, accurate delivery to the site of injury.

Is stem cell therapy covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, even though stem cell treatment is highly effective, stem cell therapy is still considered by insurance companies to be “experimental and investigational.” Therefore, at this time insurance companies will not cover the cost of stem cell treatment.

However, our stem cell therapy clinic in Fort Worth does accept CareCredit, a healthcare payment plan option that allows you to finance the procedure.. For more information on payment plans to finance the cost of stem cell therapy, please visit: www.carecredit.com

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