My approach to patient care and care philosophy

Dr. Steve Meyers
September 19, 2022

I was recently asked to describe my approach to patient care and care philosophy. Thought I’d share:

My approach to patient care is to treat you like family. You see me for every visit as I do not have a physician assistant. First, I take a detailed history of the issue. Then, I perform an extensive examination by assessing joint range of motion, swelling, strength and stability, palpating tender areas and performing special tests. I review your reports of imaging such as Xrays and MRI. Then, I actually SHOW YOU and explain the Xray and MRI images in detail.

After reviewing your history, exam and imaging findings, I determine the diagnosis causing your orthopedic issue. Then, we have a complete discussion, including the benefits and risks, of ALL available treatment options; from Do Nothing to Surgery and everything in between. I explain everything in easy-to-understand terms and answer your questions so that you have a thorough understanding of your problem and the treatment options empowering you to choose what treatment is right for you. This may include medication by mouth, physical therapy, bracing or casting, injections, regenerative treatments such as PRP and Stem Cell, etc.

If this sounds like the care you would like to receive for your orthopedic issue, come see me!

Dr. Meyers
Texas Health Care Bone & Joint Clinic
1651 W Rosedale #200
Ft Worth, TX. 76104
Assistant Professor – TCU School of Medicine


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