Not All Regenerative Providers are Created Equal — The importance of determining the correct diagnosis

Dr. Steve Meyers
September 21, 2023

59 year male came to see me 2 weeks ago. He’s had right hip pain for 10 years. Sharp, stabbing pain deep in the hip and groin with walking, getting up from a chair and negotiating stairs. Before seeing me, he received treatment at another regenerative medicine provider that advertises heavily in DFW on radio and social media. They administered 6 rounds of injections including PRP and bone marrow. Prior to beginning treatment, the provider did not order or review any Xrays or MRI imaging. He never saw a doctor, only nurse practitioners and physician assistants. His pain never improved. The provider wanted to perform more injections.

He came to me for second opinion. After a thorough history and exam along with reviewing his xrays, I was concerned about hip impingement causing his pain. Impingement occurs when the ball of the hip joint is not perfectly round due to abnormal bone growth or spurs. MRI imaging confirmed this diagnosis. Impingement due to abnormal bone growth or spurs CAN NOT be fixed with any injection. No injection will change bone shape or make a bone spur disappear. This is a problem that requires scope surgery.

Some clinics simply want to perform more procedures, whether they are indicated or not.

I want what is best for my patient, to alleviate their pain and improve their function so that they can enjoy life to the fullest. Sometimes that involves physical therapy or injection procedures. Sometimes it requires surgery. But FIRST, you must have an accurate cause for the problem by determining the correct diagnosis. You can not expect to fix a problem if you don’t even know exactly what the problem is!

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Abnormal femoral head contour.


Bone spurring at the femoral head/neck junction.


MRI confirms abnormal femoral head contour, bone prominence.


Normal hip xray for comparison.

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