Orthopedic case of the week – February 20, 2022

Dr. Steve Meyers
February 20, 2022

61 year old female with right shoulder pain for 2 weeks after she fell and jammed the shoulder. Pain is anterior and radiates to her biceps. On exam, she is tender over the biceps tendon at the front of the shoulder and has pain with resisted biceps function. Her ultrasound shows tremendous swelling about the biceps tendon. The area was injected with steroid using ultrasound guidance and she was sent for physical therapy.

In-office ultrasound is an outstanding tool to visualize pathology and accurately guide treatments.



Long axis view of the Biceps tendon highlighted in red surrounded by dark swelling (green).


Short axis view of biceps (red).


Short axis view of biceps injection. Bicep - red, swelling - green, needle - orange.

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