Orthopedic case of the week – January 25, 2022

Dr. Steve Meyers
January 25, 2022

25 year old female slipped and fell on the stairs 1 month ago landing right on her butt! Developed immediate swelling over the top of the right buttock. Swelling progressed and she developed notable bruising over the next 2 weeks. Swelling now improving, but still symptomatic. MRI shows a large fluid collection with muscular disruption, a Morell-Lavallee lesion.

1 month from injury, I thought it would be too clotted. Surprisingly, I was able to aspirate 60cc of fluid. Pain was essentially resolved afterwards. Hopefully, the swelling will not return!



MRI: Large fluid collection in the gluteus musculature.


Ultrasound: red outlines the fluid collection, green identifies the needle to drain.


Fluid collection gone after aspiration.


60cc fluid removed.

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