Practice What You Preach! PRP for My Knees

Dr. Steve Meyers
October 20, 2023

With my active and adventurous lifestyle, my knees have seen some abuse over the years!! About 1.5 years ago, I began having some mild, intermittent knee soreness with demanding activities due to some mild arthritis. Given the plethora of treatments at my disposal, last August I decided to begin annual treatments with PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections using ultra-high dose platelets and I’ve been pain-free since. I administered my 2nd annual injections yesterday. Knees were a little sore for 24 hours. The goal is not only to treat/prevent pain, but to delay the progression of arthritis!

There is strong, published data on PRP for knee arthritis showing improvement out to 12 months!

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My knees show some mild joint space loss medially.


60cc blood draw per knee.


Concentrate down to 5-7 cc for injection.

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