Record Drainage from Ruptured Baker’s cyst in Calf

Dr. Steve Meyers
April 10, 2023

74 year old male with knee arthritis tore his meniscus 3 weeks ago. The knee gradually swelled and became painful. Then, he developed progressive swelling in the back of the knee. Eventually, the swelling extended into his calf causing severe calf pain with any weight bearing activity.

He presented on crutches unable to put much weight to the leg. Imaging confirmed a ruptured Baker’s cyst with huge calf hematoma (blood collection). I was able to drain 160cc of blood from the back of his leg (a personal record for me!) His pain was immediately reduced and he was able to walk out of my office with mild discomfort.

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Right calf swollen and bruised.


Huge 21cm calf hematoma.


Ultrasound guided needle inserted to drain.


After draining, cyst is collapsed.


160cc blood removed.

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