Regenerative Orthopedic Case of the Week: 5 year history of bilateral knee pain

Dr. Steve Meyers
October 24, 2023

SJ is a 54 year old female with 5 year history of bilateral knee pain. She underwent bilateral knee scope surgery in 2020 which improved her pain briefly. Pain has been escalating over the past 2 years. Pain increases with prolonged standing, stairs, getting up from sitting and at night. Physical therapy has not helped. Her Xrays show moderate arthritis particularly in the right knee. MRI shows areas of bright swelling in the bilateral medial tibia indicating arthritic changes inside the bone. After discussing treatment options, she decided to proceed with regenerative treatment injecting adipose-derived stem cells into the knee joints followed by PRP (platelet rich plasma) injected into the areas of bone swelling. (Yes, she was asleep for that part!)

Today, 3 months out from treatment, she states that her pain is 80% better! She no longer has pain getting up from a chair or negotiating stairs. Her function scores have improved 80%. And, I don’t think she’s done improving!

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Moderate arthritis particularly in the right knee (the right knee is on the left side of the image).


Bright signal in the bone indicates swelling, inflammation and arthritic change inside the bone.


Injecting PRP into the damaged bone of the right knee.


Injecting PRP into the left tibia.

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