Regenerative Orthopedic Case of the Week – Stress Fracture with Osteonecrosis

Dr. Steve Meyers
August 10, 2023

SW is a 78 year old female with right knee pain. Pain onset 18 months ago without trauma. She complains of sharp and intense aching about the outside portion of her knee. Symptoms increase with walking, standing and getting up from a chair. She has been limping and using a cane for over a year. X-rays showed moderate arthritis with notable joint space loss. Gel shot injection for arthritis provided minimal relief. MRI showed a lateral femoral condylar stress fracture with osteonecrosis (dead bone). Conventional treatment would require a total knee replacement. After discussing options, she decided to have regenerative treatment with PRP (platelet rich plasma) injected into the area of damaged bone. (Yes, she was asleep for that). Today, 1 month after treatment, her pain is 85% better and she’s walking without her cane! I expect her symptoms to continue to improve.

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Xray shows arthritis with lateral compartment cartilage loss.


MRI shows osteonecrosis (yellow) surrounding by bone edema (red).


MRI shows osteonecrosis (yellow) surrounding by bone edema (red).


Bone needle injecting PRP.

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