Regenerative Orthopedic Case of the Week – February 21, 2022

Dr. Steve Meyers
February 21, 2022

75 year old female complains of right knee pain for 10 years. Prior treatments include steroid and gel shot injections with mild relief of symptoms. Pain had been increasing over the past year. Walking, standing, negotiating stairs and getting up from a chair were notably painful. Recently, she has been using a cane to walk. X-rays show moderate arthritis with a small depression fracture in the medial femoral condyle (MFC). MRI shows a mild insufficiency fracture with significant bone swelling in the MFC.

After discussing treatment options, she decided to have orthobiologic treatment with regenerative cells from her fat tissue injected into the joint and concentrated platelets (PRP) injected into the bone swelling.

Three months out from treatment, her pain that was 7.5 out of 10 is gone (0) and her WOMAC knee function score has improved 69%. She can now jog across the street without pain!

Come see what regenerative orthopedics can do for you!


X-rays shows moderate medial arthritis with some joint space loss and small depression fracture (yellow).


MRI shows small insufficiency fracture (yellow) with notable surround swelling; bright signal circled in red.


Flouro image of PRP injection into MFC. Yes, she was sleep!

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