Regenerative Orthopedic Case of the Week – Gluteal Tendonitis

Dr. Steve Meyers
June 6, 2023

R.T. is a 62 year old male with 2.5 years of right hip pain. No fall or trauma to start the issue. Dull aching and occasional sharp pain in the lateral hip that increases with prolonged walking, standing and sitting. Pain has been progressive and he has been limping for multiple months. Physical therapy has not helped.

On exam, he is tender on the point of the right hip (greater trochanter) and he has pain with resisted abduction of the hip. Xrays were normal. But, his MRI showed some mild gluteal tendonitis in addition to swelling (edema) in the bone adjacent to the gluteal tendon insertion (white arrows) which can be a notable generator of pain.

After discussing treatment options, he decided to proceed with PRP (platelet rich plasma) injection treatment. I injected his gluteal tendons in addition to injecting the area of bone swelling (bone injections hurt, he was asleep for that!)

Three months after procedure, his pain has gone from 8 out of 10 down to a ONE! He is no longer limping and has no pain taking care of his ranch. He even stated that his wife says “He is much more pleasant to be around!”

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