Regenerative orthopedic case of the week – January 3, 2023

Dr. Steve Meyers
January 3, 2023

47 year old male with progressive anterior left knee pain after new gym workout in August. Persistent pain with stairs and getting up from a chair. Physical therapy not helpful. MRI showed a cartilage defect behind the kneecap with notable swelling in the bone along with patellar tendinitis.

After discussing treatment options, he chose regenerative therapy with PRP (platelet rich plasma) injected into the tendon, joint and into the area of bone swelling. Today, 3 months out from procedure, he is 90% improved and back to light workouts at the gym.

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Red; cartilage defect. Yellow = bone swelling. Green = patellar tendinitis


Red; cartilage defect. Yellow; bone swelling.


Injecting PRP into the bone.

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