Regenerative Orthopedic Case of the week – July 14, 2022

Dr. Steve Meyers
July 14, 2022

58 year old male with chronic Achilles and back of heel pain. Pain with walking causing him to limp. Physical therapy unsuccessful in the past. X-ray shows significant spurring at the Achilles insertion (Haglund’s disease). Ultrasound shows Achilles’ tendonitis, swelling of the Achilles bursa and notable abnormal blood vessels around the tendon. These blood vessels (neovascularization) are an abnormal and dysfunctional healing response to the chronic injury. Disruption of these vessels can assist in healing.

After discussion, patient chose to treat with regenerative injection techniques. After numbing the area, I traumatized the tendon and bone spur with the needle to augment healing. I drained the swollen bursa. I then separated the fat pad away from the Achilles tendon using a needle water-jet technique disrupting the abnormal blood vessels. Then, the tendon, spur and bursa were injected with PRP (concentrated blood platelets). I expect notable improvement in the coming weeks.

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