No matter what your sport or what level you play, getting you back in the game safely and without further injury is our number one goal. We place a strong emphasis on not only helping your body recover from the injury itself, but also focus on achieving an improved level of function. This is achieved with individualized sports medicine treatment plans for each patient. As patients return to athletic activity, we help them triumph with long-term protocols to prevent future injury.

Non-surgical orthopedic sports medicine specialist Steve Meyers, M.D. provides specialized care for all athletes, from recreational to professional, as well as for those suffering from work-related or outdoor activity related injuries. Dr. Meyers specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of all activity-induced injuries. Rehab efforts are designed to relieve pain, strengthen the joints, muscles and tendons, and then simulate the activity required in the specific sport. The goal is to relieve pain symptoms, restore range of motion and activity, and prevent recurrence of injury.

With nearly 20 years of experience as a sports medicine physician, Dr. Meyers has treated a wide variety of sports injuries related to the competitive athlete as well as the weekend warrior.

Dealing with the young athlete

Sports medicine experts across the U.S. have noticed that there is an alarming trend in “professional-level” injuries among young athletes. The number of youth injuries is reaching epidemic proportions and young athletes are experiencing overuse injuries at a younger and younger age. The high rate of youth sports injuries is fueled by an increase in overuse and trauma injuries and a lack of attention by coaches to proper injury prevention.

sports medicine in fort worth texasOveruse injuries impact young athletes in the short term but often lead to long-term consequences. Having proper preventive measures such as pre-participation physicals, stretching, cross-training, hydration and open communication about pain among all participants (coaches, athletes, parents and healthcare providers) can help aid recovery and avoid long-term consequences.

Orthopedic injuries in the adolescent and teen athlete must be dealt with differently than an adult, as people under the age of 20 have growth plates that are still forming. It is important to seek an orthopedic physician like Dr. Steve Meyers who specializes in the unique issues that face young athletes. His objective is to help the adolescent and teen athlete return to sports quickly and safely while reducing the chance of re-injury.

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