Gina, 54, struggled with longstanding knee pain from arthritis. Her knee pain began in 1988 when she tore her ACL. She then suffered an accident in 2002 requiring 6 more surgeries. She was having difficulty standing, walking, negotiating stairs and had given up on her passion of dancing. Now, 10 months after stem cell therapy using her own cells from fat, she is back to activities without pain. She has even returned to dancing multiple times a week!
Mellanie, 62, began experiencing knee pain after a twisting injury. An MRI revealed that she had torn her meniscus in her knee. She was told she would require scope surgery to repair the damage to her knee. Instead, she chose stem cell therapy using her own cells from fat tissue. She is now 6 months out from procedure and is pain free and back to normal activity.

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain

Stem Cell Therapy for Meniscus Tear

Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Pain

Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulder Pain


Peter had lived with severe shoulder pain for 10 years following a shoulder injury that damaged the cartilage in his ball joint. His shoulder pain prevented him from enjoying daily activities he had once loved. “Any type of physical activity I did, whether it be gardening, riding my bike, swimming — I always knew I’d have to pay the piper for pain,” Peter said.

In an attempt to avoid Shoulder Replacement Surgery, Peter decided to get a second opinion from Dr. Steve Meyers, a regenerative medicine specialist in Fort Worth. An MRI proved that Peter was a good candidate for Stem Cell Treatment. Using stem cells obtained from fat around Peter’s midsection, Dr. Meyers performed a Stem Cell Injection into the Shoulder joint. “Within about 24 hours, I had significantly less pain,” Peter explained. “After a month, I was 95% pain free. It has changed my life completely!”

Peter, 48

As an avid volunteer at all TCU sporting events, Patricia is very active and is constantly on her feet. Unfortunately, after tearing her Achilles Tendon in an ankle injury, Patricia was sidelined. She tried conservative treatment and physical therapy for nearly a year, but it was unsuccessful. Then Patricia decided to visit regenerative medicine specialist Dr. Steve Meyers in Fort Worth where she received Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, a treatment that involves using the proteins and growth factors in a patient’s own blood to enhance tissue regeneration and healing. “Walking was extremely painful. I was off my feet for an entire year before I met Dr. Meyers,” explained Patricia. “Less than two months after receiving a Platelet Rich Plasma Injection, I was completely back to normal, walking fine with zero pain. I’m 73 years old and extremely active. It was just amazing. Everyone needs to know about this procedure!”

Patricia, 73

“I went to the Bone & Joint Clinic to get a second opinion for chronic hip pain, which I had suffered with for years. I learned that Stem Cell Therapy from Dr. Steve Meyers was a non-surgical option. I was able to get in to see him in less than a week and after our first appointment, I knew I had made the right choice. He listened to me, explained everything in great detail and once he described exactly how Stem Cell Injections worked, I said, “Sign me up.” With just one treatment, which only took two hours, I am 95% pain free and able to do the things I couldn’t do just a month ago. I am extremely happy with the results and will be going back to Dr. Meyers for all of my orthopedic needs.”

67-year-old female patient

“I had suffered from tennis elbow for years, ever since my son was in high school. It turns out I had a torn tendon in my elbow, which meant I had diminished strength and pain. I tried physical therapy for three months and wasn’t getting any relief. That’s when I learned about Dr. Meyers’ Regenerative Treatments using platelet rich plasma. Within 30 days, I was feeling almost 100-percent. After 45 days, I had no pain at all in my elbow. The treatment itself was so simple and I was amazed just one visit could give me so much relief.”

66-year-old female patient

“Since visiting Dr. Steve Meyers for PRP Treatment, I have experienced great improvement in the function of my right shoulder. Mobility is excellent and I have no pain at all. The best part is that I no longer have any issues with my shoulder in playing the piano. My movements, even lateral ones, feel comfortable and natural. It has been almost a year since I had the PRP treatment for my condition and it has made a tremendous difference – not only in my physical ability, but in my mental outlook as well. I have regained the complete confidence I once had.

Thank you for developing this treatment. I know it has helped and will continue to help many people, and I am most grateful for what it has done for me.”


“Dr. Meyers did a stem cell injection to my hip and knee. I have been so happy with the results of the stem cell procedure. I still have some pain, especially when a cold front comes in, but overall I am so very pleased and so very glad I did it.  I can walk straight and do things I could not do previously.

Dr. Meyers has been wonderful and I am thankful he offered the stem cell option to me.  I have recommended several people to StemCellArthritis.com for treatment.”